MultiModeCode is a Fortran 95/2000 package for the numerical exploration of multifield inflation models. This program facilitates efficient Monte Carlo sampling of prior probabilities for inflationary model parameters and initial conditions and is the first publicly available code that can efficiently generate large sample-sets for inflation models with O(100) fields. The code numerically solves the equations of motion for the background and first-order perturbations of multi-field inflation models with canonical kinetic terms and arbitrary potentials, providing the adiabatic, isocurvature, and tensor power spectra at the end of inflation. For models with sum-separable potentials MultiModeCode also computes the slow-roll prediction via the δN formalism for easy model exploration and validation.


Histograms for the spectral index and running for N-quadratic inflation with equal-energy initial conditions (Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 161302 (2014)) .


MultiModeCode is authored by (alphabetical order): Richard Easther, Jonathan Frazer, Hiranya Peiris, Layne Price, and Jiajun Xu.

A bibliography is available here.

Download: [MultiModeCode.2.0.0.tar]

We make MultiModeCode available under a Modified BSD license. We hope that you find MultiModeCode useful. If you use it in a publication, please cite the MultiModeCode release paper [BibTex].

Please email the authors with any comments and bug reports.